My Story

imageAt the age of about 4 years old, my parents literally separated right in front of me. My sister and brother left with my mom and I stayed with my father. I was confused and lost as my father and I lived in a car at a park. He needed to work which resulted of him leaving me with different people to look after me ( not to mention that some verbally and mentally abused me) . As time passes, things got better and decided to take me to Mexico with my grandparents for a good while. I moved back to Houston with my dad and I had a new mom! I had a step-mother who I Love and respect so much because I felt her warmth and love- she took great care of me. I graduated high school and a few years later I started working for one of the top, best children’s hospital in the nation. As a teen, I remember always wanting to work there to be part of helping children. My own life experience prompted me to want to help and protect as many children possible.
5 years later, Herbalife found me! It changed my life, not only in the physical, but mentally and spiritual. Herbalife has allowed me to do the same for others and especially children. I am proud to say that Herbalife has a Family Foundation which helps children around the world. Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF), is committed to improving the lives of children around the world by supporting charitable organizations that provide one of life’s most basic necessities, good nutrition. When I ask people to help me change lives , that is what I mean. My mind has shifted to always remaining positive in any situation simply because I can say ” I’ve had worse before”. This is why I do Herbalife. I found myself ! Thank you Herbalife!



New Year, New Goals

Happy new year!

So here we are in 2016 and most of us have new goals. I have been doing lots of personal development for the past six months. As I had written on my previous post, I decided to continue working on my Herbalife nutrition business. I have fallen in love with the whole process of being an entrepreneur and changing people’s lives. I have seen impressive results with the people that I have helped. I have been able to move up in Herbalife’s marketing plan simply because I have built relationships with people all over. Thanks to social media and the internet, I have been able to meet and help/guide people from other states. This has become my passion and always looking to help anyone who allows me to. I love it when people contact me for help. I am now a senior at the University of Houston as a Nutrition Science major and it has helped so much.


Anyone needing help with weight management, I’m here! I am now known the Herbalife guy! Herbalife is known for the shakes and by the way, Herbalife was ranked #1 in the world in the shake category. It makes me feel confident about the products. Herbalife is used to gain healthy weight, maintain and lose weight.

Since the new year started, I was able to organize a a support system for a detox / digestive health program just to jump start our bodies. It is not a crazy type of cleanse because we can still eat and it’s natural.  If anyone reading this and interested , let me know! you can find me on Facebook! #Eduardolara I hashtag my name a lot on instagram and Facebook.

Here’s my online store:





self improvement

I decided that I will change my activities and try new things to improve myself. I have been listening and watching  positive / motivating audio books and videos on youtube. One of the videos was Brendon Burchard  and an audio was “how to win friends and influence people”. I will also continue to find books to read.

Another thing I have done different is to plan and write everything down especially goals that I may have. They can be long and short term goals. I hear that it’s very powerful when written on paper.