Daily Goal setting

We made it!

Friday is here already and I feel so accomplished because I have been checking off my daily goals. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with so many things to do and so little time? I have!

I like to goal set the night before. I love to knock out the smallest things first to get them out of the way for example: washing the car, paying a bill, getting a haircut,  following up with a client. It feels so good putting a check mark next to a task.

I have two daily goal setting, one for my business (I used to have one for when I worked at the hospital)  and another for my personal task list.

My goals
Setting daily goals help stay organized and keep on track to accomplish tasks.

It takes practice to do this and I can say that it’s not easy because I failed when I first started goal setting. I had given up, but later realized that I needed some type of structure and came back to goal setting.

Have an amazing weekend!

 Ps, the reason I used a barbershop sign as my  “featured image” for this post was because I wrote down on my daily goal  to get a haircut today and I did! 👇🏼👇🏼


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Happy Monday!

Thank God it’s Monday! We get to design our week!! This will be a short post.

Do you set daily goals? This is a good way to complete task that we sometimes procrastinate on. It works!

You Got this!
“Run the day, or let the day run you.” -Jim Rohn

Sharing my results


I want to share how my business started to grow and why I started to do what I do now.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be working for myself as a wellness coach.  I was so skeptical a bout all of this weight-loss programs, but a friend introduced it to me and I followed the super easy instructions. The only reason I stuck to it is because I was and am able to eat REAL food, the products taste amazing and they make people feel great!!!

So Here’s my before and Now picture:

Weight-loss Disclaimer: Consumers who use Herbalife Formula 1 twice per day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around 0.5 to 1 pound per week.


Now I feel more confident with way more energy! 

People at work started to ask me how I did it and I was able to explain because it was sooo simple. That’s when I realized that I could help others little by little. It gets better, I started to post pictures on my Facebook page and my inbox started to explode with messages of people asking how I did it, I gained hundreds of followers, comments and likes were going out of control!

Thankfully, we have free online tools for people who are interested on getting started. For example, we have a free online wellness profile that gives people free recipes, workout videos and a meal plan. I will provide a link here in case any of the readers want to give it a try. Click here and create a user name and return to this link again .

What is it?

Herbalife Nutrition which is nutrition at a cellular level and not a diet  like most people think.  Cellular level, meaning that it feeds your cells and the body responds in a positive way. The products also help our organs absorb the nutrients that we eat from the healthy foods. We are known for our shakes, but we have more than that. We also have teas and other supplements. I love it because it’s also a total nutrition company that helps with everything that someone can think from, to gain energy, digestive health, heart health, healthy aging, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health. Also, Herbalife is not medicine so it’s safe for everyone to consume our products children, pregnant women and the elderly.


Thank you for reading.


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Amazing Saturday Morning!

Sharing what I learned

    I wanted to take time to continue here on WordPress and share something that I learned over these couple of years. I learned that we cannot hide our thoughts from the universe. I never realized that until I started to think and analyze situations that occurred in my life. I wondered why I was meeting crazy and negative people,car accidents or simply “bad luck”.

Here is how it works


Our brains/minds are activated with frequency. Anything that one thinks about has a frequency like a radio wave. Think of our brains as wifi, the frequency is there, but we can’t see how our devices are connected  receiving and sending information. An example, if someone is thinking about positive, happy moments, guess what? Good and positive events will occur. Has it ever happened that when you are thinking of someone and all of a sudden they call, text or communicate with you?  That’s it! It happens with everything else.

Everything that is currently happening or the situation that you’re in right now is because you attracted that yourself. Your outside  is the manifestation that is happening inside of you meaning the inside thoughts. Good news! We have the power to change that. It was  difficult for me to understand that at first, but it made sense when I started to pay attention.

Try it!

Think about your days, when you change your mood to happy, good things happen, when you’re not happy, it changes to that frequency too. Pay attention to that today and you’ll think of me. 🤪  Try it and let me know on the comments here. Have a great day!


This was the face I made when I learned this the first time

Choose your Mood

Today is going to be a great day!

Remember, don’t let anyone change your mood because you have control over that. Even if things aren’t going your way, always think about the positive in every situation.

Here’s a video I’d like to share: 👇🏼



I am back !


The last time I published something was in 2016. A lot has changed in my life.  I continue to do  personal development which means that I read and listen to audios about self-help. My life has changed tremendously! I learned to work harder on myself to find my purpose in life.

Even though, I loved what I did for a living, I resigned from my job at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston,TX of 11 years to pursue my business with Herbalife Nutrition as a wellness coach. It was  scary to leave my stable, “safe” job or my “comfort zone” to an unknown world. Leaving my job  felt like I was walking into a room blind-folded only because I knew I had no one to report to and no “secure” paycheck with benefits.

Texas Children's Hospital
It’s an amazing organization.


I resigned on August of 2016 thinking that everything was going to work out perfect. Thankfully, I had to face lots of adversities along the way. Everything that I planned for, fell apart, but it’s okay because I learned so many new skills. I developed new skills such as talking to people (strangers) out on the streets and successfully getting their name, email and phone number. I also got used to rejection which was the hardest for me to understand. Working from home became something I had to get used to.

Fast forward to the year 2017, it was still a learning year for me in the business and now life! I had to unlearn what I learned when I was working the “normal” job.  I started to gain momentum in the business as well. Who would have thought that someone can use social media to make a living? Not me!  I started to fall in love with the process and continued to sow even on the days that were slow. I have been able to help people across the nation and  world including India! Herbalife is an amazing company because they operate in more than 90 countries in the world. Social media has my organization connected with me wherever I go. 👇🏼 Here’s picture of the team who completed an online shake challenge! Those are so much fun and motivating to see other’s results within 21 days.

Some of the team members
Thanks to social media, we connect from all over the world

Now it’s 2018, I made another daring move and decided to leave everything behind in Houston. I moved to El Paso,TX two weeks ago and I’m here for another adventure. I’m so excited and scared again. The purpose of this move is to impact more people.


Farewell to my hometown Houston,Tx.
I got up, decided to do a brave move.

I’m glad to be back!

Your online wellness coach,

Eduardo Lara


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New Year, New Goals

Happy new year!

So here we are in 2016 and most of us have new goals. I have been doing lots of personal development for the past six months. As I had written on my previous post, I decided to continue working on my Herbalife nutrition business. I have fallen in love with the whole process of being an entrepreneur and changing people’s lives. I have seen impressive results with the people that I have helped. I have been able to move up in Herbalife’s marketing plan simply because I have built relationships with people all over. Thanks to social media and the internet, I have been able to meet and help/guide people from other states. This has become my passion and always looking to help anyone who allows me to. I love it when people contact me for help. I am now a senior at the University of Houston as a Nutrition Science major and it has helped so much.


Anyone needing help with weight management, I’m here! I am now known the Herbalife guy! Herbalife is known for the shakes and by the way, Herbalife was ranked #1 in the world in the shake category. It makes me feel confident about the products. Herbalife is used to gain healthy weight, maintain and lose weight.

Since the new year started, I was able to organize a a support system for a detox / digestive health program just to jump start our bodies. It is not a crazy type of cleanse because we can still eat and it’s natural.  If anyone reading this and interested , let me know! you can find me on Facebook! #Eduardolara I hashtag my name a lot on instagram and Facebook.

Here’s my online store:







self improvement

I decided that I will change my activities and try new things to improve myself. I have been listening and watching  positive / motivating audio books and videos on youtube. One of the videos was Brendon Burchard  and an audio was “how to win friends and influence people”. I will also continue to find books to read.

Another thing I have done different is to plan and write everything down especially goals that I may have. They can be long and short term goals. I hear that it’s very powerful when written on paper.

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Waking Up To My New Chapter In My Life

It has been two years since I last published anything on here and I think it’s time I start so here I go:

I have woken up! I found my answer and I knew there was more to life than just working  , going home right after , having dinner and going to bed routine. I have lost valuable and irreplaceable time. I was tired of just looking forward to weekends to be off work and to run errands. What did I do to change that?   I decided  to take control of my life .  The decision and change was  scary because of the unknown , but I could not let fear stop me either. I have been consuming  Herbalife products ( a Nutrition company) for five years and have gotten great results , but never thought about doing it as a business. I really thought it was a scam or pyramid scheme, but as I learned and invested time to really learn and compare, I saw that it was not. It may sound or a look like a pyramid scheme,  it’s not, it’s a multi-level marketing company. I have also earned extra cash and it really works. I am so excited and ready to go on full force as I am already planning a nutrition center and fit camp very soon.

I have been working for a children’s hospital for 10 years and recently went part time to attend at the University full time  for a Nutrition Science Degree and to work full time with my own business , Herbalife.

I have also had time to join a bike ride group! I have freedom to do leisure activities.

The bike group that I am part  and in charge of is growing fast. I remember seeing 40 people and within a month I saw 140 members join. It is so much fun!

Here’s a video that I created from our latest bike ride in Houston downtown to the Bike museum…


Houston Bike Lights