Daily Goal setting

We made it!

Friday is here already and I feel so accomplished because I have been checking off my daily goals. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with so many things to do and so little time? I have!

I like to goal set the night before. I love to knock out the smallest things first to get them out of the way for example: washing the car, paying a bill, getting a haircut,  following up with a client. It feels so good putting a check mark next to a task.

I have two daily goal setting, one for my business (I used to have one for when I worked at the hospital)  and another for my personal task list.

My goals
Setting daily goals help stay organized and keep on track to accomplish tasks.

It takes practice to do this and I can say that it’s not easy because I failed when I first started goal setting. I had given up, but later realized that I needed some type of structure and came back to goal setting.

Have an amazing weekend!

 Ps, the reason I used a barbershop sign as my  “featured image” for this post was because I wrote down on my daily goal  to get a haircut today and I did! 👇🏼👇🏼



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