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Amazing Saturday Morning!

Sharing what I learned

    I wanted to take time to continue here on WordPress and share something that I learned over these couple of years. I learned that we cannot hide our thoughts from the universe. I never realized that until I started to think and analyze situations that occurred in my life. I wondered why I was meeting crazy and negative people,car accidents or simply “bad luck”.

Here is how it works


Our brains/minds are activated with frequency. Anything that one thinks about has a frequency like a radio wave. Think of our brains as wifi, the frequency is there, but we can’t see how our devices are connected  receiving and sending information. An example, if someone is thinking about positive, happy moments, guess what? Good and positive events will occur. Has it ever happened that when you are thinking of someone and all of a sudden they call, text or communicate with you?  That’s it! It happens with everything else.

Everything that is currently happening or the situation that you’re in right now is because you attracted that yourself. Your outside  is the manifestation that is happening inside of you meaning the inside thoughts. Good news! We have the power to change that. It was  difficult for me to understand that at first, but it made sense when I started to pay attention.

Try it!

Think about your days, when you change your mood to happy, good things happen, when you’re not happy, it changes to that frequency too. Pay attention to that today and you’ll think of me. 🤪  Try it and let me know on the comments here. Have a great day!


This was the face I made when I learned this the first time

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